Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to most frequently asked questions about top ups to Venezuela.

To pay a top up with, follow the steps below:

  • enter your 16-digit PIN, press "Next"
  • enter a beneficiary account or mobile phone number and its confirmation, press "Send"
The top up is sent and will be applied immediately on the beneficiary's account in Venezuela.

On you can top up prepaid and postpaid mobile phones, Internet, cable and satellite television accounts for your family and friends in Venezuela.

Just to make them a small gift. The amount is not important; important is that you care about your family. Very often mobile airtime is the best way to send a small aid to your family in Venezuela.

Your family in Venezuela will receive the top up directly on their phone, internet or television account.

As many as you want. As soon as the transaction is validated the mobile of the other party is credited. Sometimes Venezuelan mobile operators put limits to the number of daily recharges a mobile number can receive. Contact them directly for more details.

For each successful top up we send a mobile operator reference. The reference should be used when calling the operator. If you do not have a reference number it means the top up failed. Check with the sender.
Operator support numbers are:

  • Movistar
  • Movilnet

There are a few factors that would make your top up fail. Some of them are definitive:

  • like the number or account you are trying to recharge is wrong,
  • you selected a wrong mobile operator or service provider,
  • destination number is not in accepted mobile operators list;
  • or limitations on the account the destination number has exceeded its daily recharge limit, and others.

No. Sending a top up is a one way operation, once it is executed the mobile operator or service supplier will not reverse it. Check and re-check the mobile number or account before sending the top up. Providing a correct mobile number or beneficiary account is the customer’s responsibility.

Recharging a mobile phone, landline, internet or television account is very fast and the result is immediate.

During the top up purchase we ask you for your own email address. If the transaction succeeds or fails you will receive a confirmation email.

Yes, you can top up home and mobile internet in Venezuela with your PIN.

Yes, you can top up Movistar TV accounts for your family in Venezuela.